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Bees... are they monsters? Or maybe MLB players?

Sometimes bees are in the news because of diseases, weather abnormalities, or new treatment options. You know, scientific news.

But sometimes they're in the news for other reasons.

For instance, a few weeks ago, a little girl couldn't sleep most nights because she thought that there was a monster in her room. Her parents believed it was just a typical toddler excuse, but it turns out... there were bees in the wall of her room.

And then there was the swarm of bees that interrupted a Dodgers game. Maybe we should call those bees the girls of summer?

Lest you think that there isn't any "real" news about honeybees, a scientist recently ran tests on bee DNA and found that viruses affect bee colonies exactly the same no matter whether they're cared for by hobbyist or commercial beekeepers.

Finally, researchers in GA discovered that bees which were given the first honeybee vaccine for foulbrood has also helped their overall health, even showing protection against varroa mites.

See you next week at the meeting!

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