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December Annual Meeting on ZOOM & Honey Show Returns

The December meeting will be on ZOOM, December 8 at 6:30 pm for officer reports and election of officers for the year 2021. We'll also have some other shenanigans (bad bee jokes) and gifts to present. As in the past, when you RSVP on the Upcoming Events page, you will be sent log in information on the day of the meeting. This will be a link to a ZOOM page that will require you to register with your email address in order to attend. The additional registration is to be able to conduct elections of officers on line. Nominations for officers will be accepted at the meeting, so nominate someone! Only one vote per registered email address that is a dues paying member. Results of the polling for officer elections will be available during the meeting, but will be certified at a later date, just like other recent elections.

I would like to encourage you to consider and then stand for election to one of the key officer positions - President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The club has already identified and trained a new Treasurer. We have received 2 nominations for President, but none for Vice President or Secretary. The positions are not difficult and former officers have agreed to assist in the transition from 2020 officers to 2021 officers. The Secretary should be familiar with using a spreadsheet to maintain membership rolls. The Vice-President position runs the club meetings if the President is not available - so easy! The President normally runs the meeting, and its really up to the community to determine what they want the meetings to be. The ABA has subject matter for each month and if there is no subject matter (which is impossible when it comes to bees) one can always play "stump the chump" (with apologies to NPR). This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the local beekeeping community. Nominate Yourself!

I will be at Proof Brewery from 5:30-6:30 pm on Friday December 4. If weather permits I'll be in the bee-r yard, if not, there is lots of indoor/outdoor space under roof. Honey Show entries can be picked up then along with ribbons and we can coordinate an opportunity for winners to choose their prize from the ABA stash at Morningstar Storage. If you've already picked up your winning ribbon, send me a time that is most convenient for you to drop by Morningstar Storage. See you Friday or Tuesday evening!

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