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Digital Beekeeping

Most of us have become used to carrying our phones with us wherever we go. Some of us take our phones with us to the bee yard, so we can take photos, document what's happening in our hives, or have it handy to call 911 in case our girls get more aggressive than we'd like.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that some entrepreneurial beekeepers have created apps and software to help fellow apiarists. It's always a good idea to keep track of each colony - What kind of brood pattern do you see? When did you treat for mites and with what? When did you last re-queen? - so that you can manage and actually keep your bees alive.

While there may be some crossover between the two, both Android and Apple have apps for phones, and there's also some online software available if you prefer to not have to type things on the size of pin heads. ;-). Below are some of the options available:

PS. This is not an endorsement for any or all of these apps, etc... These are just potentially another tool in the toolbox for you to protect your bees.



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