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2022 Honey Tasting Winners

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Apalachee Beekeepers Board of Managers met last night for the honey tasting competition. A total of 20 entries were ranked from light thru amber to dark to establish the three categories.

Blue, red and white ribbons will be displayed on winning entries along with all other entries at the ABA booth at the North Florida Fair 11/3 - 11/13. Come see us.

We are pleased to announce the following results the following results.


1: - Nancy Douso

2: - Roula Joanos

3: -  Vic Cormier


1: - Melissa Ingram

2: - Roula Joanos

3:  - Keith Walker 


1: - Edward Brock

2: - Keith Walker

3: - Clara Knotts 

Best in Show: Nancy Douso 


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