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Covid-19 and local beekeeping

In this time of social distancing and bee activity build up, it's hard to know what to do when you see something going on in your hive. The Apalachee Beekeepers Association is here to help. We've redesigned our website before the pandemic arrived. Now that it is here for the foreseeable future, we are working to make it work for you!

One of the best resources we had for nearly a decade was a Listserv through our old Yahoo account. That's gone now, but the information there has been archived and as we can we will post relevant topics and "hive mind" solutions from the past.

Now we have the Blog here at the website. You can post, add comments and best of all subscribe to get the information here delivered to your email on a regular basis.

Posts will be organized by topics so that if you are looking for beekeeping website, you can find that. If you need ideas/solutions about nucs, you can search on that.

Stick with us as we evolve and develop this website to meet the needs of our members and to respond to beekeepers in the north Florida/south Georgia area.

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