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Open Hives - Open Eyes

Learning by watching and seeing a veteran beekeeper in action, that’s the purpose of Open Hive Demonstrations. Apalachee Beekeepers Association has hives at the Agricultural Extension Offices in Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla Counties for this purpose.

Since Covid-19 began in the Spring of 2020, ABA was limited by the restrictions that were in place. Now, we've been given permission to provide Open Hive demonstrations for groups of up to 10 people, socially distanced and masked at the club hives.

Saturday, February 27 saw club board member Charlie McCullion volunteer to lead the first Open Hives at the Leon County Ag Office in almost a year. He was ably assisted by club president Bobby Cutts. Eight new, or soon-to-be, beekeepers joined for an overview of what it takes to check your hives.

In addition to typical hive inspection steps, participants also saw first-hand "purple-eyed drone," handled drones and saw varroa mites up close and personal.

Watch the events calendar for updates on Open Hives in your county in the coming months.

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