Honey extraction - what you'll need and how to do it

Many people get into beekeeping for the purpose of producing honey. This, of course, is a worthy endeavor as honey can command a high price, when processed, packaged, and marketed properly. The demand for honey seems to be increasing globally so the need for this quality product will only grow. In this article, Dr. Ellis will discuss the basic items needed to harvest and process liquid honey.

This post focuses on the basics of extraction and the equipment you’ll need. This PDF is from Dr. Jamie D Ellis, Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab, Dept. of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida. jdellis@ufl.edu www.ufhoneybee.com

It was previously published in the American Bee Journal, #36, November 2016

Download • 1.67MB

Here's helpful video as well.

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