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Searching for the Best Online Beekeeping Course?

University of Florida - Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab is the best place to start - for novices or veterans.

The UF/IFAS Master Beekeeper Program (MBP) has transitioning to an online program! The Apprentice (level 1) and Advanced (level 2) Beekeeper courses are currently available.

To join the program, you simply register for the Apprentice Beekeeper course. All participants in the program must start at the Apprentice level, regardless of beekeeping experience. While you do NOT need any beekeeping experience to start the Apprentice course, you must have been beekeeping for a year before you can officially become an Apprentice Beekeeper. You are encouraged to begin this course before you ever get your first hive of bees (although this is not necessary). All levels of beekeeping experience are welcome.


To improve honey bee health and the sustainability of beekeeping globally through beekeeper training and public outreach.

In working towards this overall mission, the UF MBP has two specific goals for program participants. Beekeepers in the UF MBP will:

  1. learn and adopt research-based beekeeping best management practices, and

  2. provide research-based education to the non-beekeeping public and serve as mentors to new beekeepers.


UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab (352) 273-3969

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