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Nucs for Newbees 2021

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

As a service to ABA members, Apalachee Beekeepers promotes our Nucs For Newbees program each spring. We attempt to match members selling nucs with members seeking to purchase bees. Nucs offered for sale under this program will be a 5-frame nuc with a new 2021, marked, laying queen with 5 drawn deep frames with bees, brood and food stores. Nucs should be treated for mites and have small hive beetles under control. Price of a nuc is $150. Contact the suppliers directly.

Josh Ray, Bear Creek Apiary, Quincy, Tel: 850-510-0401

Full Moon Apiaries - Monticello, FL, Tel: 850-997-3974​

Shawn Moore , Tallahassee, 850-544-5111

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