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Oh Honey! September is National Honey Month

Why did you become a beekeeper? Was it because you wanted to help keep those little pollinators happy? Did you want an effective way to help grow and maintain your garden? Or perhaps you just wanted to have your own honey.

And who wouldn't want their own honey? It's pretty freaking amazing.

Not only does it taste fantastic, but the health benefits are legendary. According to the Mayo Clinic, the antioxidants in honey can help reduce allergens, prevent cardiovascular disease, lessen and relieve gastrointestinal tract issues, help with rehydration when dehydration has occurred, prevent memory disorders, act as an antidepressant, reduce anxiety, serve as an anticonvulsant, promote healing in wounds and burns, and when taken with eucalyptus and citruses, reduce coughing. It's safe enough for use by our pets too!

How do you take your honey? A spoonful is one way, and of course, there's the time-honored tradition of adding some to a cuppa [tea]. But there are a multitude of other delicious ways to ingest the sweet nectar.

Click here for 40 more HONEY recipes.

Or, feel free to share your favorite way to get honey in the comments!

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