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2024 ABA Apiary Inspections


We are feeding light (1:1) sucrose syrup and re-queening Wakulla and the double deep at Leon with ripe Queen cells donated by Capt. Tony at Full Moon Farm. Will check hives in a couple of weeks for new laying queens.

Bought 1 gallon feeder pails from Millie Bee yesterday. Elmore donated 6 of the pails, a battery box for queens & cells and a gallon jug of Honey Bee Healthy. We really appreciate the support of our vendors.

De-queened the double deep hive at lean yesterday. Added a ripe Queen cell donated by Capt. Tony at Full Moon Farm. Other two hives were still queenless. They are in a Queen replacement cycle and should have laying Queens soon. I hedged my bet and added a ripe Queen cell to #4 too. Hope to have laying queens in all hives by next meeting.

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