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Vote. Eat. Play!

A week from today - December 13 - we'll gather 6:30 for our Annual Meeting, at the Leon County Extension office, 615 E Paul Russell Rd.

At the meeting we'll VOTE to select our 2023 Board of Officers. You still have time to get your nominations in by email at by noon on the 13th or even on the floor at the meeting. We'll be voting for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-Large. Bee there and make your voice heard!

We'll also EAT and enjoy time with our fellow beekeepers. Drinks, plates, cups and utensils will be provided and there are plenty of outlets to plug in crockpots, etc... so bring whatever food you want - main dishes, side dishes, finger foods, desserts... if it sounds delicious to you, bring it!

Finally, we'll PLAY. Play for the End of the Year raffle, that is. Bring cash to enter for all sorts of beekeeping equipment or other items. Tickets will be

$1 for 1 ticket

$5 for six (6) tickets

$5 for a PREMIUM ticket. Premium tickets go toward large items, i.e. a prebuilt hive

Don't forget to renew your membership while you're there or you can do it right here online.

See you next week!

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